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La Grande Librairie Nov. 7 2018

"Life is better in music." This is what pianist Claire-Marie Le Guay, celebrated in the world's greatest concert halls, tells us. In this first book, the author shares her passion for notes to make us love classical music more. By retracing her own career...

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Des malheurs de Sophie, a book to listen to

Release of the audio / book "Des malheurs de Sophie" "In this adaptation, Sophie's escapades blend with the author's personal anecdotes for a rendering full of vitality, freshness and humour. Little Sophie is sketched with mischief, in a lively and lively style where...

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Claire-Marie’s discography


 7 novembre Emission La Grande Librairie, France 5, 20h55

 8 novembre concert-dédicace à la librairie Atout livre à Paris, 20h

 14 novembre récital Brahms / Schumann à Lyon, Salle Molière, 20h30

 18 novembre concert Fauré, Schubert, Chostakovitch avec François Salque, violoncelles, à Tulles, l’Empreinte, 17h



“What a beautiful fullness of timbre, what vigour and finesse of articulation also in the resplendent Italian Concerto! And the music that always advances, even in the intermediate voices, and that breathing ! The pianist moved the audience with her sincerity, inner strength and delicacy.”

Emmanuelle Giuliani

Pianiste, Sept. 17

“Great art the joyful Mozart would probably have loved!”

Critic of « Mozart Alla Turca » concert in festival de Pâques,

Wukali, Avril 18