Release of the audio / book “Des malheurs de Sophie”

“In this adaptation, Sophie’s escapades blend with the author’s personal anecdotes for a rendering full of vitality, freshness and humour. Little Sophie is sketched with mischief, in a lively and lively style where a few comic strips mingle: everything underlines the comedy of the scenes.
Claire-Marie Le Guay grants Schumann to Sophie’s misfortunes with brilliance, elegance and humour. The delicacy of the music is mixed with the irreverence of the text for a record book like no other!”

Text & illustrations : Anaïs Vaugelade
Storyteller: Elsa Lepoivre
Music: Robert Schumann
Pianist: Claire-Marie Le Guay


Les quatre ans (extrait)

by Claire-Marie Le guay, Elsa Lepoivre, Anais Vaugelade | Des malheurs de Sophie