Claire-Marie Le Guay’s guided concerts

The Guided Concerts combine virtuosity and a desire to make classical music ever more accessible.

With the Guided Concerts, Claire-Marie Le Guay makes the concert an innovative sharing that takes place in two parts:

  • Understanding of the works. Dialogues and interactions between the public and Claire-Marie Le Guay
  • Listening to the work in a concert situation

The audience then plunges into the intimacy of the works and their writing.

The Guided Concerts are intended for adults and can be adapted for young audiences.

What Claire-Marie Le Guay explains, I feel it, I understand it, I live it.
A spectator at the end of a Guided Concert

A Guided concert, with the Orchestre National de Lille Concerto in A minor by Schumann Lille 8 June 2018 Photo credit Hugo da Ponte/ONL