Publication of the book
“La vie est plus belle en musique”
(“Life is better in music”)
by Claire-Marie Le Guay
Editions Flammarion (Nov. 2018)

“Music is everywhere, for those who seek it, listen to it, recognize it. It is this vital presence that fills the space and only needs to be revealed.
Throughout these pages, I tell you about the place of music in history, its role in our society and its presence in our lives.
I suggest keys for listening and discovering many masterpieces and invite you to draw your own emotions from them.
Informed music lover, enlightened amateur or curious neophyte, I offer you through this book a personal musical stroll and share with you my passion. Because I am convinced that life is more beautiful in music!”

Verlaine and music, Fêtes galantes and Romances sans paroles

Claire-Marie Le Guay proposes in the November 2013 supplement of the NRP, New Revue Pédagogique, “revue des professeurs de lettres”, musical readings echoing Verlaine’s work, set to music by Debussy

2014 Franklin-St Louis de Gonzague Conference

What is music?
To better understand music in order to love it better.
How to restore the place of music in society and education?

“For eighty years, I have been starting every day the same way. It is not an automatic routine but something essential for my daily life: I sit at the piano and play two preludes and fugues by Bach. I will
does not imagine doing anything else; it is a kind of blessing for the whole house, but for me, it is also something else, it is a rediscovery of this world of which I have the joy of being a part. It fills me with the awareness that life is wonderful and the feeling of the incredible happiness I have to be a human being. “Henri HEINE