Concert Series
“Life is more beautiful in music”
Grande scène du Chesnay

La Grande Scène du Chesnay invites Claire-Marie Le Guay to launch a new series of concerts “La vie est plus belle en musique” (Life is more beautiful in music).

The three concerts planned during the season will follow on from the literary publication. These concerts are given in the spirit of delivering listening keys to the public,” continues the pianist. I wish to share with him the path of the work. Of course, the concert is central, it’s the heart of everything, the moment of the rendezvous that everyone is preparing. We get together and the music exists. »

“(…) Some people want to be guided, to be given a proposition, an interpretation to be able to access a work of art… This concert serie is an appointment for families“.
Claire-Marie Le Guay

During the three concerts, a real journey through the history of music will be proposed, in a chronological way, with well-known and lesser-known works. Claire-Marie Le Guay will perform a programme ranging from Rameau (L’Enharmonique) to Schubert (Impromptu op.90 n°1). The next appointment (29 February) will be given on a Saturday afternoon, with a programme “more focused on childhood”. The trilogy will end with a program from Ravel to the present day (April 28). “I hope that some people will come to all three shows,” says Claire-Marie le Guay.

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