Music without borders

Music, to get cultures closer

Music is a tool for bringing cultures closer together.
To be a musician is to speak a universal language, which not only can be understood by everyone, but can also reach the heart of everyone.
That is why I set up a music sharing project from 2016 to 2018, based on a piano and a central theme, with a Parisian association that helps immigrant families in France to integrate. Through listening to music, listening to others, getting to know a composer, his works and his time, exchanges can take different forms. People participating in the meetings prepare what they want to share from their culture, on the chosen theme, and as for me, I establish a link with the works I play.

Collaboration with the Lycée François Villon des Mureaux in 2006 on a musical and literary project

Thanks to music, time & space, and language differences are not borders but only an enrichment/fulfilment.”

Claire-Marie Le Guay

Claire-Marie Le Guay has worked with high school students in Les Mureaux (Yvelines) who were not apparently very sensitive to her art.

You don’t correspond at all to what we imagine when we think of classical music: you’re young, nice, and the piano is great,” Claire-Marie Le Guay recalls with joy, who remembers having answered her audience: “This music is for everyone, I’m here to tell you.”
AFP, 26 January 2009

When I met Claire-Marie Le Guay, her light, joy and sincerity made me want to know the world of this musician.
Her generosity and her taste for encounters were not limited to initiating the neophyte and admiring literary that I was immediately, since she offered me to share her love of music with my students at Lycée François Villon des Mureaux“.
Mathilde Cortey, professor of literature, May 31, 2006