Claire-Marie Le Guay was at the initiative of commissioning and creating the musical tale
Timouk, L’Enfant aux deux royaumes, CONNESSON / LiMET, ed Didier Jeunesse
ed Didier Jeunesse

In an old castle, a little boy named Timouk is surprised not to find anyone when he wakes up. A mockingbird explains to him that his parents have gone to war and that they may not return. Furious, Timouk threw stones at him and at the same time suffered a bad fate: he lost his voice.

Then begins for the child a phantasmagorical stroll in the deserted castle, which will lead him to meet a strange machine on wheels, a powerful and magnificent tiger and Alfred, the park warden who plays the piano so well…

Marie Gillain, narrator
Claire-Marie Le Guay, piano
Sarah Nemtanu, violin
Marc Coppey, cello
Romain Guyot, clarinet
Emmanuel Curt, percussion

Delphine Jacquot, Illustrations

“I wanted to see the birth of a tale for children, in which the text and music would respond to each other, complement each other.
The sounds carrying the words, and vice versa, in a musical balance without juxtaposition, without overwriting the text on the music.
I dreamed of a work where music would have voice power, where words stop.
That’s how I commissioned a musical tale from Guillaume Connesson and Yun Sun Limet, with the support of the Association Jeux de Miroirs et de La Flûte de Pan.
At the origin of the creative process, research was at the heart of our exchanges: how does music come from silence?
Thus was born Timouk, a child who, discovering the emotion of music, finds the part of himself buried in silence.
“Once upon a time there was a kingdom…”

Claire-Marie Le Guay